NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An organization in Central Arkansas is making a difference by fixing and giving away bicycles. 

Recycle Bikes For Kids got its start in 2008 and donated about 300 bikes. Since then, the giveaways have increased five times.  This non-profit gives away 1500 bikes annually.

Nate Keltch of Recycle Bikes for Kids said, “If kids don’t get a chance to experience that, then it’s huge.”

That’s why he continues to repair bikes for kids.

“We take donated bicycles, through volunteer work, we fix them up and then we give them away.”

“And these are kids that have been told over and over again, we can’t afford a bike, and then we take them into our ready room, where there are bikes ready, and we say, ‘Hey, choose a bike you want’.”

“There’s no transactions here, people just come up, and if we have a bike that fits them they leave with it.”

Recycle Bikes For Kids is a positive spin in Central Arkansas, “And a lot of them can’t believe it and I think that seeing that 1500 times a year is well worth it.”

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