Seen on the Street: Inspiration on LR Building

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Large letters painted in windows of a local apartment building are eye-catching as drivers travel into town on the Main Street Bridge.

They spell out Jesus on one of the upper floors at the Block 2 Lofts along E. Markham in downtown. 

We found it inspiring and took a photo to share on our Facebook page, hoping to learn more.

The reaction was interesting, as it often is on social media. Most understood our intent and also found it uplifting. Others questioned our motives about something they did not feel was “news.” [Note: Facebook is not a news website].

Through the interaction with our Facebook fans, we learned it’s apparently been there for years.

Ironically, the letters are painted between two building features that look like crosses.

Here’s some of the Facebook post reaction:

Thank You Lord for bringing Jesus to everyone’s attention today! Open hearts and minds to Your message!

Stop stirring the pot. You are purposely pushing people to argue and fight. Don’t you think enough is enough? Whatever sells right?

I love seeing it every time I cross the bridge!

Love seeing this in the morning!

Yes! Have seen this many times on my way to work.

Love it.

What about this is newsworthy? [Another poster’s response – Dadgumit! Can’t we have POSITIVE UPLIFTING news?].

It’s time the world recognizes JESUS. God knows there’s enough evil that’s getting recognized.

That’s what I pointed out when we were at the Comic-Con! 

Aw, love this!

What is Seen on the Street?
When Fox 16 crews are driving to or from their daily story assignments, they often come across things that catch their eye. When that happens, they safely snap a picture or two, like the ones in this story. When these stories are posted online, we also put them on Facebook and invite everyone to share their own safely-obtained photos too in the comments.

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