Several medical marijuana dispensaries considering adding delivery services


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A budding industry across Arkansas could soon see a growth spurt.

Several medical marijuana dispensaries are considering adding delivery services.

You might not even know those drivers are on the road.

You won’t see any ads on those vans. Drivers will have to be in unmarked cars.

It’s just one of the several rules the state laid out for medical marijuana deliveries, but dispensaries aren’t looking at those as roadblocks.

Green Springs Medical in Hot Springs could be one of the first to add this service.

They’ve been trying to gauge interest with customers.

This option is only open to dispensaries that have a license in the state.

To add deliveries, they still need to get the okay from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

The spokesman tells KARK no one is delivering yet, but a few dispensaries are starting the process.

“Edibles are now part of that market, so when you look at deliveries, the menu increases, I think so does the possibility of deliveries and patients that want that product,” says ABC spokesman Scott Hardin. “So of the 32, I think it’s safe to expect a third of those to be delivering.”

Some of the rules include the driver going through background checks with the state.

They’ll have to be at least two of them in a car, and the marijuana needs to be locked up.

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