CLARK COUNTY, Ark. – Clark County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call at 4:23 this morning about a shooting at a private residence located off of Red Hill Road near Arkadelphia.

Arkadelphia police officers arrived at the scene and found Scott A. Copeland, 45, had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest. Copeland was then taken to the hospital.

Sheriff Jason Watson and sheriff’s office detectives conducted an examination of the scene. The investigation revealed that Curtis Copeland, 85, the father of Scott Copeland, fired the fatal shot after he believed someone was attempting to break in.

“This is a tragedy all the way around. This was a pure accident and the father is definitely suffering as would anyone who is involved in something like this. There has been no issues whatsoever between this family,” Sheriff Watson says.

The investigation showed that Scott was attempting to enter his father’s house when Mr. Copeland opened the door, he and Scott were face-to-face and the firearm accidentally discharged.

There was no evidence that the father and son were involved in any type of dispute or that any other physical violence occurred.

Statements from witness corresponded to what was at the scene.

Based on facts obtained in the investigation, it is concluded that Scott Copeland died as the result of an accident.

Scott Copeland was pronounced dead at the hospital emergency room.

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