Sherwood police respond to 2 snake bite calls in a night


SHERWOOD, Ark.- Two snake bite calls just over two hours apart in different parts of town.

That’s something that Sherwood police say is almost unheard of but it happened Tuesday night.

Around 6:19 pm they got a call about someone being bitten by a copperhead in the area of E. Lee. The second call came in about two and a half hours later from the Royal Oaks mobile home park.

That victim was bitten by a snake while reaching under their sink and taken to the hospital.

Sherwood police Sgt. Tyler Gaunt says this is the time of year when baby copperheads are born, making people more at risk for crossing paths with them.

“I think the best thing you could probably do is make your home and your yard the safest anti-snake area that you can,” says Sgt. Gaunt.

That means keeping grass and bushes trimmed, not having wood piles near your house and watching where you step.

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