Shootings in LR Already Stacking Up in 2019


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock Police investigating a number of shootings since the start of the year. 

In the last two days there have been at least six reports of shots fired in the city, one where someone was killed. 

Some people who live in parts of town where the bullets are flying say it’s always been this way.

“From the day I moved into this neighborhood … it’s always been a concern… the violence and the shooting,” says Roshell Cunning.

Roshell Cunning has lived in her Hope Neighborhood home for two and half years. 

She remembers the first week she moved in–someone was shot a few blocks down from her house. 

“To live around the mayhem… it’s just nerve wrecking every day,” says Cunning. 

In the last two days Little Rock Police have responded to several shootings where bullets hit cars and houses, some with children and elderly people inside. 

“It’s a scary fact that when bullets are flying you know you can’t predict where they’re going to go,” says Officer Eric Barnes.

Eight days into the new year with already three homicides and multiple other shootings, Little Rock Police say it’s not the downward trend they have been working toward. 

“It’s something that we definitely want to stop,” says Officer Eric Barnes.

But while the bullets continue to fly around her, parents like Cunning worry for her family’s safety and what could happen to her children. 

“They’re little but of course I worry about them… this is a terrible environment, the streets could easily grab hold of any one of my kids including the girls,” she says.

Police say they’re trying to take the data they’ve collected from tools like the shot spotter to concentrate patrols to cut down on and eventually try to stop the gun violence. 

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