Shots fired at fireworks tent during attempted robbery


LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. — July 4th started with a bang at black market fireworks in Furlow – just not the kind of explosion they were anticipating.

It was a robbery gone wrong. The victim relayed the message to Lonoke County Sheriff’s detectives, and her co-worker Brenda Wood.

She said around 3 A.M., a masked man snuck into the tent.

“Took her at gunpoint, made her open the register, there was only 13 dollars in the register,” Wood said.

She says he was frustrated so he grabbed a bag and told her to fill it with fireworks.

“Lights started coming from the back row towards the tent, I guess he freaked out took off running,” Wood said.

Just when the victim thought she was in the clear, about a dozen shots rang out toward the tent.

“Missed her thank God, but he did hit a couple of the fireworks and blew them up, which could have cause a major, major fire,” she said.

Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office says the man ran away and got into an unknown car.

“He did not get any money, any fireworks, it was a wasted effort and I hope he rots in jail,” Wood said.

A shocking start to a day designed for celebration that the fireworks stand refuses to let fizzle its fun.

The sheriff’s office is searching for whoever is responsible for this attack.

If you know anything about it, you’re asked to call law enforcement. You could receive a reward.

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