LITTLE ROCK, AR – This weekend, Evanescence rocked Verizon Arena with a high energy concert marking a homecoming for lead singer, and Arkansas native, Amy Lee.

FOX16 caught up with Lee at an album signing in Jacksonville to see what kind of advice she has for singers looking to make it big like her. Before Saturday’s concert, hundreds of hardcore fans lined up to get a few seconds Lee and her bandmates.

Some fans started camping out at 4 a.m.

“The best music comes out of small towns, I think. Because you don’t have a ton of distractions, you know, really, gotta create your own fun, so, I mean, I spent a ton of time, we lived in Maumelle, so it’s not that far, but when you’re not old enough to drive, there’s kind of nothing around,” says Lee.

“My brother knew her before she got famous,” said one fan.

“Her voice, it’s just so pretty,” said another fan.

Many of Lee’s fans dream of becoming professional musicians, and for them, she has this advice.

“Trust your instincts. Don’t lose yourself. Don’t let somebody else tell you who to be. Your idea is probably the most original and unique one, so believe in yourself,” says Lee.

“I can’t tell you how cool it is to come back to your home town and have so much love and support. We love you guys,” Lee said to fans at the concert.

If you want to see Evanescence live in concert, get your passport ready. The next concert is Thursday in Mexico.