Social Media App Gateway to Bullying for Teens?

PEA RIDGE, AR – A local high school is warning parents about a social media app that allows kids to post messages anonymously.

Several Pea Ridge High School students reported the app, after finding inappropriate pictures and mean-spirited comments about kids at the school. calls itself a “private message board for your school.”

The site asks users not to bully, but Pea Ridge High School’s principal says the anonymity takes away accountability.
“You can say anything you want to say, and I think sometimes, you know, kids abuse that,” says Principal Jon Laffoon.

The school sent a message to parents, explaining the app and asking parents be proactive.

Afterschoolapp has been removed from the app store, but the message board may still be accessible.

To see if your child has downloaded it, look for an icon of a tiger’s head wearing striped glasses.

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