South Arkansas Businesses Ready for Minimum Wage Increase

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El Dorado– Arkansans’ voted yes on the Minimum Wage Increase during the November 4’th election.

The Arkansas Minimum Wage Initiative received enough ‘yes’ votes to get approved.

This means the current $6.25 minimum wage will increase soon.

“That’s awesome. That means more money to pay bills and save,” says Mercedes Portillo, PJ’s Coffee Employee.

PJ’s Coffee employee, Mercedes Portillo, will be able to do just that.

Effective January 1st, she along with other Arkansas employees will make $7.50 an hour.

Portillo is a college student with two jobs.

She says it seems her money is used up instantly.

“The check goes straight to bills and seeing now that I have a college loan that I have to pay for, and I don’t want to be in debt, I pay on that. So, I picked up another job so I can have money for gas and for food,” says Portillo.

The minimum wage increase won’t stop at $7.50.

50-cent increments will occur until 2017, bringing the minimum wage total to $8.50 an hour.

“Hopefully I can leave one of my jobs. I’m not gonna, but it’s nice to have the option to,” says Portillo.

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