6 Arkansas teachers learn about life as a Marine

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SAN DIEGO- This week, six Arkansas teachers are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What they learn will help children in our community.

They’re learning first-hand what it takes to be a Marine.

They’re getting to do it alongside Arkansans who are actually becoming Marines.

Teachers are at the flight line at Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

They are learning what types of careers Marine Crop recruits could eventually have for young people to get involved in.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to do it,” says Pvt. Tristen Estorda with the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot.

Pvt. Estorda is a recent graduate from Hot Springs at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot. He’s been a recruit for six weeks. One of his own teachers went through this exact same program.

“When I graduated, she told me she was proud of me and all that good stuff before I actually left,” Estorda recalls.

They are going beyond the classroom so they can show their students what the Marine Corps has to offer, and what they can do in the military, like work on planes, possibly even become a pilot. It all starts at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot.

“It’s pretty challenging,” Estorda says. “It’s a lot more challenging than I thought it was going to be.”

“I have gotten a lot of discipline,” says Pvt. Justin Pike. “Things you don’t get from recruiting life.

Pvt. Pike is another young Arkansan from El Dorado going through recruit training.

“Every second counts,” Pike says. “From getting dressed to drinking water. You have to make every second count.”

Going through basic training to become the few and proud Marines.

“Everyone always watches the videos, but when you actually get here, it’s a whole different story,” Estorda says.

The Arkansas teachers are from Little Rock, Bauxite and Lakeside School Districts.

Hear more from them on their experience Thursday on Fox16 News at 9.

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