MOUNTAIN PINE, Ark. – Looking out across Lake Ouachita, it’s hard to imagine what lies below the surface.

If you take a trip about 30 feet down, there’s a memorial honoring one of the greatest heroes of American history called Fearless Rock.

Every Saturday, just like clockwork, a team of divers meet at Lake Ouachita and pull out the fins, goggles and gear.

“We go down every single weekend during the dive season and once a month during the winter months,” Fearless Rock Dive Team Founder Will Stevens said.

Each weekend they clean and put down more items on the memorial they created for Hot Springs native Adam Brown.

“This is a challenge coin from the United States Army Reserve. He presented this to the Brown family and asked that we place it at the memorial to honor Adam and the other fallen heroes,” Stevens said.
Stevens brings out the red flag with a gold 24.

“That was Adam’s high school jersey number,” Stevens said.

Just like the flag sits on top of the water to mark where the memorial can be found, that just scratches the surface of Brown’s story. After high school, Brown sunk into a pattern of addiction.

Once he reached rock bottom, he found God. It’s only fitting one of the first things you see when you reach Fearless Rock, the stone etched with Brown’s favorite Bible verse.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Philippians 4:13

“You’re never alone. You sometimes look over your shoulder because you feel that someone is down there with you,” Stevens said.

The rest of this memorial tells the story of Brown’s life of triumph. He dedicated his life to his country and became a Navy Seal. Once in uniform, he injured his right hand and lost his right eye.

Even still, he still made it to the elite of elite, Seal Team Six.

“Because of his faith in God and love for his family he was able to turn his life around and become a hero,” Stevens said.

That’s how his life would end, protecting his team.

“Every parent that’s lost a child, doesn’t want anyone to forget their child,” Adam’s mom Janice Brown said.

Janice and Adam’s father Larry Brown never expected more than a decade after their son’s death, the memorial would continue to grow with tokens of gratitude for Brown’s service and sacrifice.

“That’s special,” Janice said. “Very special,” Larry said.

The memorial now has more than 120 different coins and trinkets.

“When you see something new, that’s the neatest thing,” Stevens said.

Before the divers swim back to the surface, each team member salutes the fallen hero.

“We get to be part of the guardians of his legacy and we take that very seriously,” Stevens said.

The Fearless Rock Dive Team plans to put the names of every Arkansan who has lost their lives in the military down at the memorial.