Fox16 Investigates: NLRPD officer punched man, drove him to bridge then told him to ‘go back to Little Rock’

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’s been more than eight months since Angel Rosado threw a “disturbing” punch while working a night shift for the North Little Rock Police Department then drove the unarmed man he punched to the Broadway Bridge and demanded the man “go back to Little Rock.”

But, for the first time, video of the punch and subsequent audio interviews with Rosado are being released.

The recorded interviews appear to reveal Rosado’s mounting frustration with the homeless population as his superiors question whether those feelings affected his ability to do his job without prejudice, according to internal documents obtained by Fox 16.

A little before midnight on July 2, 2019, Rosado was called to investigate a man who was reportedly digging through a dumpster near North Little Rock High School. Rosado encountered the man on Orange Street. The man is seen on Rosado’s dash camera footage carrying a couple of plastic bags and complying with Rosado’s initial interrogation.

Rosado’s concerns centered on the man’s activities being on school property at that hour and suggested the man might be trespassing.

Less than a minute into Rosado’s questioning, Rosado is seen aggressively shoving the man onto the hood of the car. Two other NLRPD officers arrive on the scene shortly after to provide backup. The video shows about six minutes of further interrogation (audio was not recorded in the video because NLRPD says the microphones are not activated unless lights and sirens are activated).

Suddenly, the footage shows Rosado punching the man in the stomach. Two minutes after that, Rosado is seen loading the man into his patrol car and driving him to the Broadway Bridge where he later admitted to telling the man to “go back to Little Rock.”

The entire incident was never reported by Rosado, and he never filled out any paperwork to document the incident, which is required, according to an internal investigation.

The incident was later brought up after the backup officers mentioned it to superiors who later launched an internal investigation that spanned a couple of months.

During recorded interviews, internal investigators asked Rosado about the punch. Rosado also eventually expressed his disdain for the homeless population.

 Below is a transcript of portions of the audio:

Lieutenant: “What made you hit him with the heel (of your hand)…?

Rosado: “Because I was frustrated lieutenant. I’m frustrated with the homeless folks, mostly the ones coming from — you go downtown right now you can watch the cattle call from Little Rock police chasing, marching all their people from the River Market over here.”

Lieutenant: “So, you just — you — you’ve had your fill?”

Rosado: “Of homeless folks, yes ma’am.”

North Little Rock’s police chief, Mike Davis, agreed to speak with Fox 16 about Rosado’s situation, which led to Rosado’s termination. Davis said the incident fell short of NLRPD standards.

“It was disturbing,” Davis says. “I mean, he’s frustrated with the homeless, but that’s not his call to make. I mean, we don’t get frustrated with something like that.”

Fox 16 asked Davis whether anyone from his department reached out to the man in the video.

“No we have not.,” says Davis. “We have tried to attempt to locate him and weren’t able to do so.”

It’s unclear whether the man Rosado punched is homeless. According to reports included in Rosado’s internal investigation, the man did have a misdemeanor warrant out of Fort Smith, but it did not reach the level of requiring FSPD to pick him up.

Rosado’s internal investigation lasted into September when he was fired after serving 20 years on the force.

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