LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A dream has come true for Little Rock native, Sean Christopher- Freeman. 

Ever since he was a young boy, he has had a passion for dancing and skating. 

After years of hard work, Christopher-Freeman was granted the opportunity to work alongside Grammy Award-winning musician, Usher.

He was granted the task of being the skate choreographer and skate captain for Usher’s My Way Las Vegas Residency Concert.

If you’re familiar with the megastar Usher, then you know he’s one of a kind, but Sean says that Usher the person is much more special. 

“I’m just so blessed and humbled that he has trusted me to not only choreograph but to just be in some personal spaces with him and it has probably just been one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Christopher-Freeman said. 

Christopher-Freeman doesn’t just skate and dance. He is also a songwriter and a teacher. 

At 37 years old, he teaches dance at Booker T Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia. 

He says he loves teaching, but his dream was to be on stage. 

When COVID-19 hit, that’s when he released his song and music video titled “Girls”.  

It was this song that landed him in the national spotlight, eventually leading to his choreographing a music video for Latin Grammy award winner Rauw Alejandro.

This led to him performing at the Billboard Music Awards, NBA Finals, choreographing a scene on P-Valley and eventually working with Usher.

Juggling the responsibilities of teaching and performing, flying back and forth from Atlanta to Vegas, he says, is his biggest challenge. But while living out his dream, inspiring his students remains a priority.

“It’s important for me to be able to sow the seeds that someone sowed into me,” he said as he thought back to his childhood. 

He attended Parkview High School and also worked at the Arkansas Skatium. 

“If you would have asked me when I was 14 when I first started working here if I was willing to wait this long for it, I probably would’ve told you no,” Christopher-Freeman said.

He says Parkview is “what planted the seeds in me to become the person I am today.”

Another obstacle he faces is traveling back home to Little Rock to care for his father who was diagnosed with dementia.

“If I’m being honest, probably one of the hardest things I’ve been through in my life,” he said. 

With what he’s learned and seen through different parts of the nation while working with some of the best in the music, dance and skating world, bringing that culture back home is on his mind. 

“I think it’s important to that we don’t forget where we came from, he said. “That we come back and continue to do things.”

In 2021 he hosted the Reunion Skate Party at the Arkansas Skatium, “bringing the Atlanta skate culture here to Little Rock.”

He keeps home in his heart no matter how many miles away and soon he says, “you will definitely see me on your TV screens a little bit more regularly.”

Christopher-Freeman is not able to provide specific details on what that TV show is, but he says his next goal is to work with Arkansas companies such as Walmart, Sam’s Club and Dillard’s.