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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.- Danyelle Musselman, wife of Razorback Head Basketball Coach Eric Musselman, does not stay on the sidelines.

“When you see the basketball wives on television, it’s a lot more glamorous than my life is,” Danyelle says. “There are definitely good parts, we have trips, fun games and all that. It’s just like being a mom to 15 more children. That’s what a basketball wife is. You know, it’s funny, when Eric got this job here at Arkansas, we both say we got this job. We really are a team. There’s so much that we do together.”

Mrs. Musselman says her husband has what it takes to win games. She should know, being a former network sportscaster. She brings even more to the table.

“You’re almost like the fourth assistant coach,” says Danyelle. “There’s so much outside of basketball I’m constantly helping with. Whether it’s something with the guys, hosting basketball camps, fundraisers. speaking engagements. Whenever my mom comes to town, she’s like, ‘Gosh, you are working,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, and I don’t get an actual paycheck, do I?”

The Musselman family is used to the spotlight, especially their 9-year-old daughter, Mariah. And you won’t miss the “dynamic duo” at the games.

“I always laugh when I see the wives that are stoic all the time and barely clapping,” Danyelle says. “They don’t get too excited. That’s totally not me. I’m like the wife that’s jumping up and down, crying tears of joy, and my daughter is that times 10.”

She also feels her blended family with her two stepsons is intriguing to many fans.

“It’s cool to see a family that doesn’t look like what you’re used to seeing, and our kids are cute, that always helps,” she says.

These days, she’s busy decorating their 8,000 square foot home in Fayetteville.

The theatre room is one place where some personal touches have been added.

“Eric has this amazing jersey collection, and I don’t let him put any jerseys downstairs, but upstairs is allowed,” says Danyelle.

She says her husband left his coaching job in Nevada because Arkansas offered the right tools to win at the highest level.

“My husband wants to win a National Championship,” Danyelle says.

“When you say National Championship, you mention that to Razorback fans, they’re all in,” says Donna Terrell.

“I think that he’ll be very successful here,” Danyelle says. “He is an amazing coach. He has an amazing eye for talent, and he has an innate ability to coach the players up that he does have and kind of inspire them to reach their greatest potential. So you put all those things together, and I think Razorback fans have something to really be excited about.”

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