Special Report: The story behind the story, after breast cancer photos go viral

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DEQUEEN, Ark. — A picture is worth a thousand words. We told you about Kelsey and Charlie Johnson and the pictures of Kelsey, shaving Charlie’s head after she started treatment for breast cancer.

The captivating photos went viral on Facebook, but the story behind the story is how Charlie made a decision that became a game changer in her battle with breast cancer.

Husband and Wife Kelsey and Charlie Johnson of DeQueen live on several acres of land.

In the throws of fighting breast cancer the couple speaks out about how their journey unfolds.

“I remember I was getting ready to go to work one Monday and I found the lump and instantly freaked out.”

After an ultrasound and mammogram, the test results came back as Fibroadenoma, a benign growth.

“The relief just flew through me. I was happy. I was like, you don’t do anything about Fibroadenoma, it can just stay there. Go on about my merry little way.”

Around that time, she and her husband Kelsey were getting married, but that lump became sore.

She talked to a surgeon who agreed to remove it. At her follow up appointment, other news followed.

“Whenever he came in and sat down and the look on his face whenever he told me that it was cancer it just took my breath away.”

Driving home, she called Kelsey.

“It was extremely tough finding out from a distance like that. Not being by your wife’s side. I mean that’s tough,” said Kelsey.

Charlie said that she struggled calling or just coming home, because she had to talk to him.

After the dust settled, the couple focused on empowerment, which brings us to this, a viral Facebook post with hundreds of thousands of comments.

“They’re thanking us on this post, saying we gave them the courage to take their wig off.”

We told you the story months ago, an emotional Kelsey, shaving Charlie’s head in a field after her hair started falling out from chemo.

“There’s a picture that shows part of her head shaven. That’s at the moment that I had to stop. I needed the break just to catch
my breath….. Alright here we go…”

“I want somebody who’s struggling in the same situation, that maybe could see it and think — okay, we can do this.

And along with their wedding vows, another important promise — staying positive.

“To me, when we talk about the future it’s already beat. We talk about it as if it’s gone.”

But their taking their journey one day at a time.

Charlie will now get 20 consecutive radiation treatments. Today, she had number 7 and she told us that her hair is starting to grow back.

She says if something doesn’t feel right, get it checked out, and always get a second opinion.

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