Standoff Ends with Deputies Tazing Armed Target

BISMARCK, AR – A road to nowhere in Hot Spring County led deputies on a path to a standoff with an armed suspect.

Neighbors of the home on Mercer Lane in Bismarck say they drove up to what seemed like nearly every law enforcement officer in the area with their guns drawn.

The Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office, State Police and Park Rangers were on the scene.

“He was in there with his mother,” explained Chief Deputy Kim Hall with the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Chief Hall a man in his forties barricaded himself inside his mom’s home with a weapon.

Deputies say the man was using an older style military rifle and had about 70 or 80 rounds inside the house with him. He had broken out the windows as well. During the ordeal deputies say they could see him opening and chewing or eating pills.

When he started threatening to hurt people and cause harm to himself, Chief Hall explains his officers had to handle the situation delicately.

After nearly two hours trying to convince him to come outside deputies made their move.

“[Deputies] finally got to a point that they got him where they could,” Chief Hall said. “They tazed him, took him under control and subdued him and took him in to custody.”

The expression on Shila Rowland’s face showed the shock of finding out all this happened in her normally peaceful neighborhood.

“Gawley that’s scary,” she remarked. “Yeah I’ve got my sons here.”

Just before authorities took the man into custody he hurt himself requiring a trip to the hospital.

Chief Hall said, “He has severe injuries to one of his arms.”

Deputy Hall says thanks to level headed deputies keeping calm that was the only injury the suspect had and neither they or any one else was hurt.

“Positive outcome,” he added.

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