LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas gas prices continue the downward trend which began last week.

According to AAA, the average Thursday per-gallon gasoline price in Arkansas is $3.28. This is down from the $3.35 average set a week ago and Wednesday’s $3.29 average price.

The AAA maps show that Greene County has the lowest average in the state at $3.11 per gallon, followed closely by Hot Springs County at $3.12 per gallon. Newton County in northwest Arkansas has the highest average in the state at $3.64 per gallon.

Around central Arkansas, Pine Bluff has the lowest average at $3.19 per gallon. AAA shows the Little Rock/North Little Rock metro comes below the state average at $3.21 per gallon, as does Hot Springs at $3.23.

According to AAA, Arkansas has the fourth lowest gas prices in the nation. California is paying the highest prices in the country at $5.64 against the national average of $3.76 per gallon.

The highest price seen for a gallon of gasoline in Arkansas was $4.54 in mid-June.

AAA spokesman Nick Chabarria said the low prices are taking place despite volatility in the global crude oil markets. The agency said fears of a worldwide recession and tapping into the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserves have led to prices lowering.

“Fuel prices are going down despite strong demand as road trip travel remains popular this fall reaching near summer-like levels this prior week,” Chabarria said. “Continued uncertainty with global oil supplies and production, however, means drivers should expect gas prices to fluctuate heading into holiday travel.”

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