LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As Arkansans begin filling up their cars in preparation for the weekend, the steadily creeping rise in gas prices might cause some to re-think their driving plans.

According to the latest data from the AAA Gas Price monitor, the average fuel price on Friday morning in the Natural State has shot up to $3.91 per gallon for regular, up 46 cents compared to one week ago. The change is harder for drivers filling up with diesel fuel, which is up nearly 90 cents in the last week to $4.82 per gallon.

Currently, the most expensive gas prices in Arkansas can typically be found in the southern part of the state, with Bradley County currently having the highest average at $4.19. However, the cheapest gas prices in the state are found right next door in Calhoun County, which has an average of $3.55 per gallon.

In central Arkansas, drivers in Little Rock and Hot Springs are paying about $3.92 per gallon, while the cost is up to almost $3.97 on average in Hot Springs.

Around the country, the highest gas price per gallon is in California at a staggering $5.72 per gallon. The state with the lowest current gas prices is Kansas, whose average is currently $3.82 a gallon.

Unfortunately, the spike in gas prices doesn’t see an end any time soon, with many experts citing unstable energy markets due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On Tuesday March 8, President Joe Biden announced a ban on U.S. imports of Russian oil in order to penalize Russia, but Biden admits that ““there will be a cost as well here in the United States.”