LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A government program to improve rural health care has benefited a clinic in Arkansas.

The United States Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday a series of grants nationwide to benefit rural health care. One of the grant recipients is Dermott’s Mainline Health Systems, Inc. which received $85,000 for a backup generator and floor replacement.

The USDA grant award shows that the clinic needed the generator to maintain the temperature of COVID-19 vaccines during power outages. It will also support the backup servers for the different Mainline Health facilities.

“This will also provide better support to immediate health care needs, ensure the area is prepared for future pandemics and increase access to quality health care services to the rural area residents,” the USDA grant award stated.

The Dermott grant is one of 208 announced Wednesday across 43 states and Guam, valued at $100 million. It is part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act Emergency Rural Health Care Grants.