LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The 13-week streak of lower gas prices in Arkansas has ended as prices at the pumps increased this week.

According to AAA, regular gas in Arkansas is $3.23. This price is up four cents from a week ago and 38 cents from a year ago.

AAA officials said that the spike in gas prices could have stemmed from the region’s annual switch from summer blend gasoline to winter blend gasoline. AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria also noted that any changes from the switchover should level out by October.

“The annual gasoline seasonal switch relies on coordination with all phases of oil and gasoline production from refinement to the final sale.” Chabarria said. “Given the continued volatility in global oil and gas markets, it’s not surprising the switch may be impacting pump prices more than usual this year. The good news for drivers is the jump in prices is not expected to become a trend.”

Looking at pump prices throughout the state, drivers in Newton County are paying the highest gas average of $3.67. Drivers in Hot Spring County are paying the lowest gas average of $3.

In central Arkansas, the average gas price in Pine Bluff sits at $3.14. Little Rock-North Little trails with gas prices averaging at $3.13. Drivers in Hot Springs should expect to pay $3.03 at the pumps.

Arkansas drivers are paying the 7th lowest gas price average in the country. Nationally, the gas price average is $3.68.

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