LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some veterans who suffer malpractice at VA hospitals can be prevented from getting compensation. 

One ex-marine is pushing to change that. 

Brian Tally says he suffered long term injuries after being misdiagnosed by a doctor at a VA hospital.

He says the VA was able to deny his malpractice claim because the doctor who saw him was an independent contractor, not an actual VA doctor. 

Tally is now urging lawmakers to change what he calls an outdated law. 

“Being a veteran you wouldn’t know the difference, they have VA ids, A VA doctors coat,” says Brian Tally. 

“If you go off to a contractor and they don’t handle it well the VA will still be responsible for your healthcare going forward,” says Rep. Dave Brat (R-Virginia). 

Tally hopes this bill will gain bipartisan support and become law. 

He says he’ll keep fighting until that happens.