Arrest made in investigation of arson and burglary at Farmington dentist office

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FARMINGTON, Ark. (KNWA) — An arrest has been made in the investigation of a case of arson and vandalism at a local dentist office.

Jimmy Morell, 36, of Farmington, is facing charges of commercial burglary and arson.

Morell, 36

According to the preliminary report, on Sept. 10, a counselor contacted the Farmington Police Department out of concern for a former client.

The female client advised that her roommate, Jimmy Morell, told her he was the one who set the fire at River Dental the previous night.

Morell was reportedly upset at the dentist because he has suffered from a bad smile since childhood. He was often teased and bullied due to the condition later determined to be amelogenesis imperfecta, which is a rare genetic condition in which the outer layer of enamel fails to develop properly.

After being detained, Morell told police he received a letter in the mail that advised him he qualified for free dental work. Morrell went to River Dental for dental care and was denied because they said it was a health concern. The dental office referred him to a medical doctor.

Morell said he was upset they refused to treat him. Morell reportedly wanted to make sure other people with similar conditions were able to receive oral care at the dentist and no one else was treated like he was.

Police say Morell confessed that he went to the office, tossed a cinderblock through the window and went inside. He said he then covered the place in lighter fluid and took a pillowcase off to light on fire.

Morell then left the scene, but later came back to see smoke coming out of the eaves of the building. He reportedly confessed to the roommate because she was talking about being oppressed, which Morrell didn’t think compared to what he had been through.

During the interview, Morell also wanted to confess another arson on his conscience. He informed police he was the one who lit Westwood Gardens on fire in March 2017.

He described how he did it in a similar way and because he was upset they refused to hire him. Morell wrote two separate letters to the owners of each business apologizing for the fires.

Police say Morell has a past criminal history of residential burglary in 2001 in West Fork and possession of child pornography in Texas in 2005.

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