LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A former Arkansas quarterback and his attorney are firing back Monday night following allegations of sexual abuse.

Kade Renfro was a backup quarterback for the University of Arkansas before his removal late May for Title IX claims made anonymously through an Instagram account.

“Upon gaining knowledge of the allegations against a student-athlete earlier this week, we immediately informed the University’s Title IX office of the allegations,” Arkansas athletics said in a statement. “The student-athlete is no longer a member of the football team.”

Renfro’s attorney, David Wimberley said that a lawsuit will be filed Tuesday against an individual they believe is behind the account.

In an interview with KTAB in Abilene, Texas, Renfro told Manny Diaz he is innocent and has never taken part in any sexual acts that were not consensual.

“The problem is there were no women,” Wimberley said. “There was not 35 women. There is 0.”
A website has been created where claims are being addressed and points to photos posted on Instagram that have been said to be evidence against Renfro, though it shows where they have been connected to other cases in other states that do not involve Renfro.

Wimberley called this “manufactured evidence” that has been mixed in with photos and texts from Renfro that were consensual and legal.

Wimberley also said he has requested felony charges be pressed against the creator of the account, noting that Renfro and his family are in hiding due to death threats that have been made against him.
Additionally, the attorney said the legal challenges are only beginning.

“This one lawsuit is just the very tip of the iceberg of what’s coming,” Wimberley said. “There is a lot of people about to answer to what they have done to this child.”

Wimberley also pointed back to a protest on the University of Arkansas campus that was scheduled by the Instagram page for victims. He said they ensured investigators attended to ask questions, though he said the only attendees were media outlets there to report the story, or lack thereof.

FOX 16 News reached out to the creator of the page multiple times Monday and did not hear back. The creator of the page has told FOX 16 News in previous direct messages that the claims against Renfro are under investigation by Arkansas State Police, though a spokesperson for ASP said there are no investigations involving Kade Renfro.

Fayetteville Police Department and University of Arkansas Police said there have been no police reports filed associated with Renfro.

FOX 16 News also reached out to the University of Arkansas Athletic Department for any updated comment, given Renfro and his attorney’s recent claims. The university simply referred to the original statements that were released May 29.