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Baby Attacked by Older Child at Howard County Daycare

Warning: some of these images may be disturbing

NASHVILLE, Ark. -  A daycare is under investigation tonight after a baby was attacked while in their care. Dominique Dillion talks to the family who wants answers. 

We want to warn you some of these images may be disturbing. 

"I just started crying because I'm like how. You're telling me a two year old did this?" says Alize Murphy.

Alize Murphy describes her reaction after seeing her nine-month-old brother who was attacked at Alphabet Academy Daycare. 

Daycare workers saying another child climbed into his playpen and bit and scratched him. 

"How was you not able to hear him cry. Not even cry. You didn't hear him screaming?" Murphy says.

Murphy's mother counting over 30 bites and scratches on her child from head to toe. 

"If you're saying another child did this then there's obviously lack of supervision. And I wouldn't want anybody else to take their child there," says Murphy.

We reached out to the daycare, but employees declined to comment. They're currently under investigation by the Nashville Police Department.

"Right now we're just collecting any interviews and evidence to substantiate that's what happened," says officer Larry Marion. 

Murphy sharing their story to warn others of what can happen. 

"I just pray people look more into the daycare they take their kids to. Or the people who runs the daycare because I don't want to see this happen to anybody else," she says.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services is currently investigating the complaint and a licensing investigation is currently open. 

Immediate interim corrective action has been issued for the daycare. 

No caregivers can be alone with the children at anytime.

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