Backlash from Deputy Shooting Dog Intense for Law Enforcement

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FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark.- There’s a lot of controversy and anger following a Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputy shooting a little dog last week.  

 The dog’s owner says it happened after Deputy Keenan Wallace, pointed a gun at Reeses saying the animal tried to attack him. 

The dog is still alive, and as of Monday night has not yet undergone surgery. However, the backlash following the shooting has been intense. 

Calls flooded the Faulkner County dispatch center expressing anger, even bordering on threatening over Wallace shooting Reeses. 

“You guys better hide that mother f***er… I’m gonna be in Conway in a few days,” says a caller who identified himself as a pissed off biker. 

Messages to FCSO on social media taking on the same tone. 

One man saying “9 MM to the jaw of a Chihuahua… seems reasonable to give the pig a 12 gauge slug to the jaw in retribution.”

Another reading “Looks to me that the fired ex-deputy Keenan Wallace is now a walking dead man.” 

All this stemming from the video showing the moment the deputy shot the dog. 

“When he shot that dog I lost it,” says Reeses owner, Doug Canady. 

The Faulkner county sheriff posted on the department’s Facebook page saying Deputy Wallace was let go, also that the department is saddened by the incident, but that didn’t stop the hateful comments from coming. 

They also weren’t the only department fielding angry comments. 

Conway Police Department says it received calls and emails and was tagged in tweets and Facebook posts in relation to the shooting. 

The Conway County Sheriff’s Office in Morrilton getting so fed up it posted a map showing the departments were not even in the same county, asking people to lay off. 

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