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Branson Bungee Ride Rescue 100 Feet in Air

BRANSON, Mo. - Two people on a bungee ride had to be rescued over the weekend at a Branson attraction.

The Branson Professional Firefighters Local 152 posted photos of the rescue operation on their Facebook page.

It happened shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday at the Branson Frontier Adventures.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that a manager of the "ejection seat" ride told them a cable got hung up and caused the ride to be suspended in midair. 

The firefighters reported the two people were trapped 100 feet in the air.

"While the riders were unharmed it took all units, along with help from Branson Crane, to effect this technical rescue. It took approximately 2 hours to get the ride lowered back to the ground and free the occupants," said the rescue unit in the Facebook post.

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