Elderly Woman Found with 30 Dogs in Deplorable Conditions inside Camden Home

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CAMDEN, Ark.- A South Arkansas woman is in the hospital after an animal control officer went over to check on her dogs and found her immobile and living in deplorable conditions.

Officers seized 30 dogs from the house in Camden, including two that were already dead.

The 76-year-old and her husband had the dogs when he was still alive, but he passed away a few years ago. Since then the dogs have multiplied and her health has declined. 

“The conditions that she was living in did not occur overnight,” says Camden Police Chief Boyd Woody.   “These are conditions that she’d had to be living in for months.”

Wednesday Camden Police got a call to send an animal control officer out to check on some dogs a neighbor thought had been abandoned.

“There were 30 animals in the house,” says Chief Woody. “Twenty-eight were alive and two were being eaten by the other 28.”

That wasn’t all they found. 

“They did locate a 70-year-old lady who was sitting in a recliner and said she had been there for about two weeks,” says Chief Woody.

Police say the woman’s son was supposed to be her caretaker, but according to her, he only stopped by every other day to give her food.

“To me it’s just unbelievable that you could put an individual in that situation,” says Chief Woody.  “It’s even more unbelievable that you could do it to your own mother.”

She was taken to the hospital and the dogs were taken to the city pound for the time being, which puts them way over their limit. 

“Our pound will normally hold 15-20 dogs if we’re at capacity and in this situation we’ve doubled that, cause now we have 28 extra dogs,” says Chief Woody. 

Police are looking for the woman’s son who is now facing charges of elderly neglect. 

“She was covered in blood, feces and urine,” says Chief Woody. “He knows what’s going on. He saw the condition she was living in and it was his responsibility to help her.” 

Police have contacted Arkansas Adult Protective Services to help the woman once she is discharged from the hospital. 

The dogs have been signed over to the Camden Police Department who is working with a Rescue Group and Animal Control to care for them. The animals will eventually be adopted out but for now police are collecting donations like dog food and supplies. You can drop them off at the police department.  

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