LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Entergy Arkansas has scheduled an energy conservation event today, June 16, 2–4 p.m. for customers on the Summer Advantage program and 1-4 p.m. for customers who volunteered to participate and have a smart thermostat.

The heat wave currently in Arkansas is expected to drive up energy demand as homes and businesses trying to keep cool run air conditioners longer.

The Summer Advantage program is Entergy installing a Direct Cycling Unit (DCU) on a customer’s air conditioner. During peak-usage hours the DCU will reduce air conditioner run time. In return having a DCU installed will provide an annual cash reward to an Entergy customer.

Users can choose a 50% or 75% DCU reduction, each with a different reward level. The 50% level is a $25 payment from Entergy, and the 75% a $40 payment. The first payment is for installing, the second is for each year a user participates. For the first year a double-incentive is paid, $50 or $80, then reduced to the base rate of $25 or $40 incentive after year one.

According to Entergy, a home’s temperature will only rise 2 or 3 degrees during a four-hour event with a 50% DCU such as is taking place today. A 75% DCU raises that 2- or 3-degree amount “only slightly,” according to the utility.

Smart thermostats connect to a home’s wi-fi network and may be, with appropriate permissions granted, be operated remotely.