NEWPORT, Ark. – The Jackson County Humane Society in Newport is fit to house 50 dogs, but the number they have is double that amount. With people continuing to drop off their dogs at their gates, the shelter has no choice but to become a kill shelter.

It was tough, but Ann Hout with the shelter made a post on Facebook announcing they have no choice but to become a kill shelter.

“It’s not what we’re built to do,” Hout said. “It’s almost impossible to think about.”

Recently five puppies were dropped off at the Jackson County Human Society. Hout said they all risk being put to sleep.

“That decision was made based on the fact that we have 108 dogs in a 50-dog kennel,” Hout said.

From here on, until the shelter can get some relief, all dogs dumped at the shelter will have the city pound come pick them up or be euthanized.

A little before the five pups were dropped off, seven more were left too.

Hout said this issue up ticked during COVID-19 and inflation.

“The economy is not as user-friendly as it was and sadly animals often time are one of the first things ejected from the household budget,” Hout said.

Hout said she hopes this can be temporary, but help is needed.

“Help looks like a foster. Help looks like adoption. Help looks like a transport that offers to take dogs,” Hope stressed.

The number one way to help is getting your pet spayed and neutered.

“Every rescue in the world will tell you it is the bane of our existence,” Hout said.

Hout said the cost for adoption is based on the pet’s vet expenses.

To make an appointment to see all the dogs, give them a call at 870-217-3112.