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Lightning Strike Sparks Fire Hot Springs House Fire

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - A local home has been heavily damaged by fire after a reported lightning strike.

It happened Thursday afternoon as storms moved through the Spa City.

The scene is on Winding Ridge Street.

Firefighters had to use a ladder truck to battle flames that were rising high above the home.

The amount of water needed to fight the fire was so great that it was making waterfalls as it poured down the home's landscaped driveway.

At 2:30, our reporter Caitlin Rearden tweeted that the house was buckling and that firefighters had stopped with water for now but there were still hot spots. 

"I heard somebody screaming fire fire! I opened up the front door and it was just nothing but pure smoke," says neighbor Toni Shaw. "The siding, the roof, smoke was just billowing out the top! It was black and brown and all of a sudden things started popping and it was obvious that was in the attic."

Another neighbor told us this isn't the first time a home in this neighborhood has been struck by lightning. 

He says several other houses have been struck by lightning in the past. One home that was struck more than 20 years ago burned to the ground and was rebuilt and those people still live here.

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