LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Many have been searching for answers in the 1995 disappearance of Morgan Nick, especially her mother. She said she hopes a new documentary about her daughter’s case helps provide answers.

Released after three years of filming, the Hulu documentary “Still Missing Morgan” covers the disappearance of Alma, Arkansas native Morgan Nick from a ballpark in 1995. Morgan Nick’s mother Colleen said she hopes the documentary will provide some answers.

“We still don’t know where Morgan is, and so our fight is still for her, to bring her home. Whatever that might look like,” Nick said.

When approached about the documentary, Nick said she agreed in hopes of spreading her daughter’s name.

“To put our hearts out there so that if Morgan survived, if she is somewhere, if someone knows the truth, that they would call us and that they will help to bring her home,” Nick said.

Nick said that she hopes the documentary also brings awareness to the thousands of other families that are still searching for answers as well.