LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas man with friends and family in the Middle East, wants the war to end. He said he is desperate for something to be done.

“When we call and nobody answers, I think it is very clear what happened,” Ebrahim Abunasrah said.

As bombs continue to kill thousands in the Middle East, many people are standing out again innocent lives being taken.

“My initial reaction when I saw that is it has been going on, but now it’s been going on, the last two weeks it has been taken to a new level,” Abunasrah said.

Abunasrah has lived most of his life in Arkansas, but his family came to America from Palestine after the Gulf War.

After hearing about the most recent bombing at a hospital in Gaza, he said this war needs to end.

“Hold Israel accountable for war crimes, bombing a hospital is a huge war crime, maybe there is one or two from Hamas there, but that doesn’t justify killing a thousand people,” Abunasrah stated.

President Joe Biden stated Wednesday that U.S. intelligence suggested that the deadly explosion was not carried out by the Israeli military.

He said when he contacts friends over the phone, if they don’t answer he said he knows what has happened… calling for politicians and people of power to make it stop.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, it doesn’t matter if you want Israel to win, it doesn’t matter if your agnostic,” Abunasrah said. “Right now, innocent people are being killed and we as humans need to stand up and hold our politicians accountable and tell them to put pressure on Israel to stop, it just must end.”

Abunasrah said they did a protest this past weekend downtown and will continue to do so until they see change.