LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Crime generated a lot of clicks in 2022, but not everything was bad. News readers were also interested in lottery winnings, and, of all things, an alligator.

Here are the 10 most-viewed 10 news stories on FOX 16 for 2022:

FBI, local authorities conduct investigations at multiple locations in central Arkansas

For reasons still not entirely clear, The FBI, Homeland Security, Arkansas State Police, Little Rock Police Department, Saline County Sheriff’s Office and Benton Police Department saw fit to raid several businesses in late June, including a spa on Little Rock’s Kanis Rd.

The November 2022 General Election

Nov. 8: The 2022 general election caught a lot of interest, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders was elected the next governor of Arkansas. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge became the lieutenant governor-elect, and Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin became the attorney general-elect.

A pharmacist has a violent episode while on duty in Helena-West Helena

A pharmacist on duty at Walmart had what was classified as a “violent episode” which involved throwing and kicking things. A witness said it started with his calling a customer a demon. Police did not release his name and the pharmacy was back in operation the next day.

I shot a water tower in Kingsland, just to watch it leak

You got your gun control, then you have enough control over a gun where you can shoot a Kingsland water tower in such a way that it appears a silhouette of Johnny Cash has little regard for the town. With a 50,000-gallon capacity, the insult will last.
On the other hand, repairs ran about $5,000, putting a pinch on the city budget.

The largest Natural State Jackpot lottery win goes to a Pine Bluff woman

A $520,000 win in June made Kashema Marks of Pine Bluff a winner in the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Her good fortune was the result of a $1 quick-pick ticket.

Did social media lure an Arkansas cold-case killer out?

The unsolved 2004 death of Rebekah Gould in Izard County inspired a pair of podcasters to start a Facebook page about the incident. A man joined the page and made some comments about Gould’s death which raised suspicion. Arkansas State Police were contacted, and ultimately the commenter, William Miller, was arrested.

Miller confessed a month after being taken into custody.

Body of missing driver found in Pulaski County

A week after his disappearance, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the body of 33-year-old Zachary Bascue was found after being missing for nearly a week.

Chomp champ: Wildlife blogger spots massive alligator in Lake Conway

A local wildlife expert spotted an alligator while going out on Lake Conway for some fishing. He took pictures, confirming the find. The photos also confirmed something which had been rumored but never proven about the lake.

Arkansan gets a $2 million taste of record Mega Millions drawing

The Mega Millions jackpot hit an exceptionally big number on July 29, coming in at $1.337 billion. That ticket was sold in Illinois, but an Arkansas resident was able to match five numbers and the Megaplier for a $2 million payday.

Little Rock police officer arrested and relieved of duty

A domestic violence call led to a Little Rock police officer being relieved of duty and placed on administrative leave.

Cristian Gallegos, 29, was expected to face a 3rd-degree domestic battery charge.

Bonus story:

Suspected killer out on bond and family speaks out

Days after a woman was killed, her suspected assailant was out on a $2.500 bond, and the family was not happy.