KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The search for a Kansas City father and son missing in Arkansas while kayaking intensifies. The Benton County Sheriff’s office says it’s now a search and recovery effort.

Monday marks day five. Crews started looking for them last Thursday.

“It’s been daunting but there has also been a lot of life and love that has been poured into this efforts,” said mom and wife Jennifer Thompson.

Day five of a search that feels like forever for the Morris family.

“We’re running a marathon here. These were two very special, lovely men and they were very loved,” she said.

Chuck, the father and husband, is a musician. He had just finished a five week tour with his band Lotus.

“Chuck, whatever he would have decided to do creatively he would have done it,” Thompson said.

Thompson said her son is a college student in Ohio. He loves music as well. She says it was in their blood.

Last Tuesday the family set out for a spring break trip to Arkansas. The boys, Charlie and Chuck, both loved the water. Last Thursday ahead of some storms both kayaked on Beaver Lake.

“When in the morning, when it didn’t storm, it was sort of get on the lake when you can,” Thompson said.

By 3:30 they hadn’t returned. Thompson called police. Since then, it’s all been a waiting game. Holding out hope that her son and her husband will be found alive.

“My hope is that my boys are safe and at peace. I feel the prayers and I feel the love from a far. I’m so appreciative of the love and the light that I saw and I see in my husband and son is seen by people across the world,” Thompson said.

“We’ve had a lot of support and it’s been very beneficial all of the locals have been very supportive.” said Jared Morris, Chuck’s brother.

The Benton County Sheriff’s office says they are doing everything they can — including using sonar and K9’s from three different states. If you would like to help this family during this difficult time — you can do that by clicking here.