HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. – A video in Heber Springs has many people saying the sweetest thing Halloween night was not the candy.

After some kids took all the candy they could from an unattended bowl, two boys did the selfless thing, repaying the trick with a treat.

While Phoebe Baker was giving her one-year-old her first trick-or-treat experience, she left a candy bowl unattended on her front porch with a note saying Happy Halloween, please take 2 only. What happened next sent a fright.

“Probably within 30 minutes I get a notification in my Google, and they are like, ‘Two candies. Oh lame.’ and put the whole thing in their basket,” Baker said.

Once the candy was gone, a couple of children showed up, but costumed kids couldn’t get their claws, paws, or hands on anything. Then James Patterson and Jacob Spencer arrived and surprised everyone.

“Bro! They took all the dude’s candy,” James said in the doorbell video.

Both Jacob and he instantly reach in their bags shoveling candy back into the empty bowl.

“Giving back”, Jacob said.

When Baker saw the doorbell recording, she instantly went on a search to find the kids and share the proud moment with their parents.

“I would like to just share this video, it restored my faith in humanity and good parenting…Whoever these kids are, thank you so much. Whoever their parents are, you are doing an amazing job,” She posted in a neighborhood group online.

It took Baker a full day to find James and Jacob’s parents. Once James’ mother Jessica Leadbetter had the video, she shared it online where thousands of people have already watched it.

“To know and actually see the evidence that you’re doing right by your kids, it’s the best feeling in the world. As a parent, as a mom, oh it’s the best. It’s the absolute best. That’s why I’m crying,” Leadbetter said.

The boys didn’t expect to get any recognition. According to James, it was just doing what they thought was right.

“I just wanted little kids to have more candy. There weren’t a lot of houses,” James said.

Baker said she hopes one day her young daughter can be as selfless too.

“I think the kids probably just think like, ‘Oh we just put our candy in the basket’, but it’s a much bigger picture than that that adults can see,” Baker said.