LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — U.S. Senate candidate Jake Bequette has filed a lawsuit after his name was misspelled on some ballots in the state of Arkansas.

On May 11, Bequette released a statement after filing suit against Secretary of State John Thurston, the Arkansas State Board of Election Commissioners and multiple county election officials for their role in “fraudulently misidentifying him on thousands of Arkansas ballots in multiple counties.”

John Boozman and the Arkansas political establishment couldn’t beat me with endorsements, they couldn’t beat me with millions of dollars in false attack ads, and they wouldn’t even try to beat me on the debate stage, so now they’re trying to beat me by stealing this election. Election integrity is a critical issue in our state and our country, and Arkansans deserve a Senator who will bring this issue to the forefront. The people of Arkansas have seen proof over the course of the campaign that, at my core, I am a warrior. I will fight this corruption in court and on the campaign trail, and I think the people of Arkansas will support me in this battle. This fight is only beginning.

Election officials admitted to me that erroneous ballots were already sent out to voters in multiple counties who requested absentee ballots and are voting by mail, and that there is no remedy, so the damage there is already done. This is not just about my campaign and this election – I don’t want this to happen to any candidate in Arkansas ever again. We will get to the bottom of this.

U.S. Senate candidate Jake Bequette

Today’s release continues by alleging that, despite knowing since at least April 28 that the wrong name would appear on thousands of ballots, election officials refused to correct the ballots and instead they “tried to cover up the election fraud and hoped that no one would notice.”

Bequette is opposing Senator John Boozman, Heath Loftis and Jan Morgan in the Republican primary election on May 24.