LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Having and raising a child is not inexpensive, but a just-released study claimed it was cheaper to so in Arkansas than anywhere else in the United States.

The recent study released by QuoteWizard ranked the Natural State as the least expensive place to have a child currently in the U.S., when factoring in expenses like childcare, insurance and medical care when actually having a baby.

Researchers said that between the costs accrued for labor and delivery, childcare costs and health insurance tied to pregnancy and childbirth, Arkansas parents could pay an average of $20,637 to have a child in the state.

Here are how the costs break down in Arkansas:

  • Labor and delivery: $9,621
  • Childcare: $6,184
  • Health insurance: $4,832

The study noted the national average total cost for having a child is $26,989. That total came from an average cost for childbirth of $11,687, another $10,075 for childcare and $5.227 for heath insurance.

Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico parents find themselves at the bottom of the list in total cost behind Arkansas. Alaska, Massachusetts and New York rank the top three states with the highest total costs.

Researchers noted that the costs listed were estimated state averages and that the price depends solely on the circumstances faced throughout one’s pregnancy. They added that the highest likelihood of extra cost being unexpected medical costs.

This study seems to contradict a some of the findings from another piece recently released by WalletHub which ranked Arkansas as 45th out the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia as best states to have a baby.

That study also showed a low cost for childbirth in Arkansas but cited the state as ranking last in health care and near the bottom in “family-friendliness.”