LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A recent survey claims nearly half of Arkansans are preparing for the worst, put the state toward the top of the list for percentage of preppers.

The Primal Survivor website surveyed the country and found that the Natural State had 1,390,589 people, 45.9% of the state, who were survivalists. 

The website classifies a survivalist as someone who is preparing for the worst. “The worst,” by the website’s terms, was the growing anxiety as people reacted to news about such things as spy balloons, pandemics and war.

The survey reported that 57% of Arkansas survivalists considered what they were doing as part of a mainstream movement.

Extreme weather was the biggest concern, with 54% of respondents saying that was the main reason they were prepping. Economic uncertainty drove 16% of the group nationally, and international conflict motivated 14%.

The survey reported that the recent Chinese spy balloon reports drove 34% to be more engaged with survival prepping, and fear of a second pandemic drove 13% of current survivalists to action. 

The survey also found that Hawaii had the highest percentage of survivalists at 80%, while Rhode Island had the lowest at 17%.