PLUMERVILLE, Ark. – Two Arkansas women have set their sights on rescuing animals across the state. In return, they say the animals have helped them heal through their own individual struggles. 

Sarah Guy met Danielle Maddox when their common goal of rescuing as many animals intertwined. 

“It became about a need that she (Maddox) had and I wanted to do more to help,” Guy said.  

The non-profit Maddox started is ArkanPaws Animal Rescue which began in 2011 and is based in Plumerville. The group travels around the state when called to rescue dogs or cats that are abandoned, neglected or abused. 

Both of the women felt compelled to do more through their individual hardships. Guy said she volunteered her time with the organization because it has been a comfort for her. 

“I served in Iraq from 2005 to 2006,” she said. “This is kind of my comfort out here, if I can help one dog, one cat or one person. It’s been something that has brought me from a really dark place.”

For Maddox she said after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2021, the dogs helped heal her just as much as she helped them. 

“To watch them grow and get better physically and healthily that helped me and gave me strength to keep fighting,” she said. 

Maddox said she found out she was breast cancer-free two months ago, thankful that that fight was over. She said she then began a new fight. 

“After conquering the battle with cancer, I’m really ready to put the focus on what we have back home,” she stated.  

Setting her sights on rescuing more animals and bettering their nonprofit as they are seeing more and more calls for rescues. 

“We’re at the point because we did double our numbers in such a short period of time we desperately need to improve the conditions of our own rescue,” Maddox said. 

Maddox said they have around 30 dogs at their rescue and 50 animals in foster homes, but she said they need donations so they can fix up their rescue area. 

“A lot of our kennels have now started to fall apart and it’s time for us to put in some money and pull up our sleeves basically,” she said. 

Maddox said to help as many animals as possible everyone more people across the state have to help. 
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