FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — In Arkansas, gas has risen by almost 50 cents a gallon in the last week and Uber and Lyft drivers are feeling the impacts.

The skyrocketing gas prices put pressure on the people who have to fill up multiple times a day.

For the last five years, driving for Uber and Lyft has been a second income for Judith Stoll-Stark. It’s also a way for her to connect with people.

“People need to go to work, or people just need to pick up their kids,” said Stoll-Stark. “I actually had a girl have a baby in here. So there’s so many different stories and everybody has a story to tell.”

Stoll-Stark knows how important these rides are for people. She said many people call an Uber or Lyft in emergency situations and bad weather. She has had riders tell her they chose a rideshare app instead of calling an ambulance because it is less expensive.

Although with rising prices at the pump, she’s worried many drivers’ cars will have to be put into park. She expects the rise in gas prices to push drivers to find another way to make extra money.

The average price of gas in Arkansas Tuesday was up to $3.69.

“The gas prices are outrageous,” said Stoll-Stark. “So if you are trying to make money, it is not a time to start Uber and Lyft.”

This is not good news for college students, like Lucas Small, who rely on Uber and Lyft rides to get around.

“Uber is definitely an important thing for a lot of college students to use just to get around safely,” said Small. “So with the rising gas prices and Uber prices going up. It’s definitely just another variable for college students to think about.”

Gas prices have more than doubled in the last year. Stoll-Stark said the price for an Uber or Lyft ride will significantly increase too. Although, she said after paying for gas, car repairs and filing taxes, the drivers still won’t be making enough.