FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Southwestern Electric Power Company said dangerously low temperatures, strong winds, and possible winter precipitation is a recipe for power outages caused by added stress on our electric grid.

SWEPCO knows that when everyone is trying to heat their house in the extreme cold, it could overload the electric grid, but Tara Muck, with the company, said that’s not the only thing that could cause power outages.

Muck said when roads get slick from winter weather, oftentimes drivers lose control of their cars and run into utility poles. She said even the ice or snow itself could snap tree limbs surrounding the power lines and cause outages.

That’s why Muck said SWEPCO has its crews, and extra contracted workers outside of the company, ready to go.

“If you do have a power outage, please report it. Obviously, we are aware of outages, but if you’re able to report it and let us know a specific area or specific residence, then we can ensure we’re watching,” said Muck.

To do your part in keeping the electric grid secure, and avoid rolling blackouts, Muck suggests setting the thermostat at 68 degrees and opening the blinds when it’s sunny and covering the windows with shades at night.

SWEPCO isn’t expecting any rolling blackouts, but Muck said there’s always a possibility when more people are cranking up the heat in their homes. The public is encouraged to make an emergency kit with flashlights, extra chargers, and a portable heater.