State Representative who tested positive for COVID-19 recovers, gives back to others fighting virus


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In light of the pandemic, the state’s legislator who contracted the virus has since recovered, and today he’s decided to give back to help others by donating plasma.

Just four weeks ago State Representative Reginald Murdock tested positive for COVID-19 and has now recovered. He made it a priority to come to the Arkansas Blood Institute to donate.

According to the institute’s executive director Mario Stedlock, when someone who has recovered from COVID-19 donates plasma to someone who is fighting the virus the antibodies help the sickness. Especially those who are still struggling with recovery.

Murdock says his battle with the virus wasn’t tough. He said he only saw a few symptoms but decided to get tested because he’s always out in the public and meeting with people.

He said during his time with the virus he stayed at home in quarantine. He didn’t have much pain or anything, but now that he has recovered he said he wants to do whatever he can to help the next person.

“Obviously there have been others really suffering and that are still suffering so I wanted to be sure that if there was anything I could do, plasma or any way I can help I wanted to help because of this pandemic and what’s it’s doing to our country,” said Murdock.

Murdock said it did take a toll on him mentally because the virus is so new and there are a lot of unknowns, but he’s glad it all worked out.

The institute encourages anyone who can to donate plasma and/or blood during this time of need.

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