Congressman Paul Ryan Campaigns For Asa Hutchinson

BENTON, AR — A former vice presidential candidate is in central Arkansas stumping for republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson.

Congressman Paul Ryan attended a fundraiser tonight at the Benton Events Center.

The Congressman says he would like to see Washington back up some, and give states more power.

He feels Hutchinson would be a great person to lead the way in Arkansas.

Congressman Ryan said, “We want to respect a state’s rights. We think federal government has taken on too much and the problem with a very big federal government is that it doesn’t do anything very well. We need governors to be on the front edge, the cutting edge of innovation, of fixing problems and making sure that solutions are customized to people right here in Arkansas and that’s why it is exciting to be here for Asa Hutchinson.”

Hutchinson says he’s more than ready to take on additional duties to help bring better programs to the people of Arkansas.

The Democratic Party responding to the fundraising event in a press release stating, “Congressman Hutchinson is campaigning with Congressman Paul Ryan, the architect of republican budgets that would turn Medicare into a voucher program and end the security of its guaranteed benefits for hundreds of thousands of Arkansas seniors. Congressman Hutchinson and Congressman Ryan both favor privatizing social security. Congressman Hutchinson urged a presidential commission to include privatizing social security as part of any plan to reform the program and Congressman Ryan wrote in his own book about his desire for Americans ‘to place a generous portion of their social security taxes into a personal retirement account that social security would invest in the market.'”

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