Little Rock Kissing Bug Tests Positive for Disease


LITTLE ROCK, AR – Recently, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out a warning about an insect known as the Kissing Bug.

So far, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has only tested one of these insects and that one did carry the potentially deadly disease known as Chagas.

“It’s a disease that is quite common in South America and also in Mexico. But we are worried it may be encroaching into Arkansas,” explains Dr. Dirk Haselow with the ADH.

Many insects can look like the Kissing Bug but it has distinct coloration and a pattern of black and orange like stripes.

They are not new to Arkansas, but the ADH says you should only be worried if you find them inside your home.

“If they are outside, don’t worry about it. They can transmit the infection through a bite. That typically occurs at night. If you find them in your home, in particular your bedroom, that is when you should be concerned,” says Dr. Haselow.

If you find them in your home you should call the ADH.

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