An infant death remains under investigation as a family grieves in Pike county.

“That’s Francesca,” Janie Wehunt says while holding up a photo.

A handful of photos is all Grant and Janie have left to remember their two-month old granddaughter.

Francesca would have turned three months old this past Tuesday. The same day as her funeral.

“It was a blow when we first found out that she was dead,” Janie says.

“Then when we found out she was murdered.”

The prosecutor says a preliminary autopsy shows Francesca died earlier this month from a head injury and several healing fractures.

“I mean how can anybody hurt a baby like that?” Janie says.

“I can’t imagine.”

State police launched an investigation and arrested Frankey Tigue for Francesca’s murder. 

Frankey isn’t her father but recently married Francesca’s mother, Rebecca.

Rebecca is Janie’s daughter. 

Since this happened, shock and suspicion has divided the family further.

“I’m not trying to be mean, but you can ask my wife,” Grant says, referring to Janie.

 “Her [Janie’s] daughter is just as guilty of this.” 

When asked if Rebecca should be held responsible for Francesca’s death, Janie answers: “Well, yes.”

Some of those photos show Rebecca and Frankey just hours after Francesca’s birth. Those photos that now pose unanswered questions.

“All I can think is just why?” Janie says.

” Why?”