Cyber Bullying on LR Confessions Twitter Account

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – FOX16 News continues to get you to Step Up and Stop Bullying.

It can be embarrassing and tormenting, a new trend of bullying on social media. Words that hurt and never go away. One Twitter account we found has parents shocked and the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) saying this is exactly why they train teachers and students in how to handle cyber bullying.

Jennifer Watts is appalled by what we showed her, a Twitter account called LR Confessions. The tweets are so explicit we can’t say or show them on television. Mean, nasty things being said about students and a lot of sexual references involving students.  It’s another way of bullying, rather than face to face, its blasted on social media and it never goes away. Jennifer says she thinks it’s horrible and can’t imagine her 2-year-old daughter Mara, who has her own iPod, ever growing up to bully someone on social media, “If she did, she would get in a lot of trouble,” says Watts.

We showed Megan Witonski with the ADE the tweets from students who are probably in some of Arkansas’s school districts.  

“I think we have to remember students say things they don’t fully intend,” she says.  

However, with so much access to social media and how prevalent cyber bullying has become, ADE officials make it their business to train teachers and students on the issue.

“One thing we talk about in schools is character education, making sure students are aware of what those pieces are to help make them a better person. To build character and to also remind them when you put this information out there, it’s out there forever,” she explains.

And just because your Twitter handle is anonymous, doesn’t mean they won’t find out who’s behind the tweet, because somebody knows somebody, who knows somebody.  

“Yes, students also have that self efficacy, that they will come forth and they will self report,” Witonski says.

But Jennifer says schools have enough to worry about and parents need to pay closer attention to what their children are doing.

Jennifer says her daughter uses her iPhone, but you can set controls on the phone, you can set where they can’t get calls, text after a certain time of the night or certain time starting in the morning.”

Jennifer says, beginning a plan of action like this will ultimately help protect the feelings and reputations of others.

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