Storm Damage in St. Francis County


ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark.– Saturday overnight storms left damage around St. Francis County on Sunday. 

Snapped power lines, toppled trees, and even some collapsed buildings– were left behind from a powerful storm that swept through overnight Saturday into Sunday.

The National Weather Service said straight-line winds up to 100 mph are to blame for the damage. 

We know that at least one person was sent to the hospital. 

The County Judge has issued a verbal emergency declaration for st. Francis County. 

From Colt to Caldwell to Forrest C, first responders have been out all day clearing roads and taking in the damage. 

Our reporter Price McKeon tracked down a couple who lives on Highway 1 outside of Forrest City who told us a tree trapped them inside their home and send the husband to the hospital. 

Stephanie Reagan said, “It just makes me want to cry.”

Forrest City High School sweethearts clung onto each other outside their home Sunday. 

Ronald Reagan said, “I’m just glad we’re ok.”

His wife Stephanie said seconds saved their lives. 

“I just want to get in and get my pictures. You just want your pictures of your grandbabies,” she told us. 

Saturday overnight– strong winds knocked a tree into their home that sits off Highway 1 north of Forrest City.  

She said, “It knocked him (husband) down. He’s had back surgery and it hit him in the back.”

Reagan explained the tree trapped her inside with her disabled husband by her side. 

“So, we had to crawl out of a bathroom window. Headfirst (and) dive out,” she said. 

She laughed as she described that escape moment for a simple reason. 

“I’ve cried enough today,” she said. 

Storm damage— and storm clean up weren’t hard to find across st. Francis county. 

Nylia Nelson lives in Forrest City. 

She said, “As I walked up the stairs rain was pouring down the roof. through the ceiling. I said ‘uh oh.'”

It was almost not hard to find positive attitudes like Nelson and Reagan both had. 

“Blessed. Like God is so awesome,” Nelson said. 

Trees blocked one grandma from leaving her home and a tree blocked the other grandma from getting into her home on Sunday. 

Stephanie Reagan said, “Emotional. Glad to be alive.”

But the trees and storm did not knock any of these Arkansans’ spirits. 

After overnight storm- THIS sight isn’t a challenge to find around Forrest City, AR. Driving around neighborhoods is like navigating a maze filled with trees & powerlines. #ARNews #ARWx— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) June 3, 2018

Forrest City Civic Center opened its doors as an emergency shelter for people impacted by the damage. 

We learned the city plans to keep it open until 10 p.m. Monday as long as power remains out and people need a place to go. 

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