Stray dog problem getting worse in Pulaski County


PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. — From people dumping dogs, to those dogs breeding stray animals are becoming a problem in Pulaski County. It’s a problem that’s only gotten worse after the county ended their contract with the North Little Rock Animal Shelter and opened their own facility less than a year ago. The issue is that facility only has 12 kennels and only takes dogs that are sick, injured or vicious. This leaves other rescues to pick up the slack.

“There’s nothing worse than seeing a group of puppies that have been dumped in the woods,” Pulaski County Humane Society President Debbie Howell said.

The Pulaski County Humane Society is seeing an uptick in the strays filling their kennels.

“We get phone calls probably 10 to 15 a day of someone wanting to bring an animal,” Howell said.

According to Howell, most of these pups come from just down the road. Fred Verser lives less than a mile from the Humane Society and had a dog sniffing at his doorstep just a couple of months ago.

“He was just a little old cur dog, mixed breed of all kinds but he had a real good personality, ” Verser said.

This isn’t out of the ordinary for this neighborhood.

“This also seems to be an inviting place for people that want to come and dump animals,” Howell said.

While this problem has only gotten worse since Pulaski County Animal Control started only focusing on a select group of dogs, Howell said the community is just as responsible.

“We have so many residents that don’t spay and neuter and especially if those animals are allowed to roam at large that increases the potential for breeding,” Howell said.

She worries if there is no help from animal control in the future it will become a very serious situation.

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