Student, Teacher Incident Caught on Camera


BENTON, ARK — A Benton teacher is without a job after a video shows her throwing a young student against a wall.

It happened in January in the hallway of Angie Grant Elementary School in Benton.

The 5th grade student being forced hard against the wall is Jeff Rodgers’ 10-year-old son.

“Man, I was in shock,” said Rodgers. “I [want to] lose it. I’m just furious that she would do this to my son.”

Rodgers said his told him the abuse didn’t start in the hall.

“He said he was in a headlock from the desk all the way to the outside,” said Rodgers.

He said his son was being disruptive and when asked to get out from behind his desk, he refused.

“I don’t think she has the temperament to be a teacher,” said Rodgers.

In the video, you can see the teacher take his son up the hall, the two disappear off screen for a moment, Rodgers’ son is soon seen trying to get away.

“She’s already abused him once. She wants to throw him into this other classroom,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers said his son told him his teacher has been abusing him much of the school year.

“I always kind of just blew it off, thinking he was making excuses for getting in trouble,” said Rodgers.

Until he was the video.

“He was probably telling the truth on a lot of things, when he said she would grab him and yank on him,” said Rodgers.

The school district said the school board has suspended the teacher without pay until June 30th. The teacher will have to undergo training, then be evaluated before they come back. The school district said it respects the board’s decision and has no further comment.

“I think if you slam a kid against a wall … you should never teach again. There shouldn’t be a second chance,” said Rodgers. “What if the next time she throws a kid against the wall he gets a concussion or he’s messed up the rest of his life?”

He said his son has since been moved to a different classroom and is doing much better in school.

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